Angry Birds 2 Officially Launches Worldwide

Following the announcement of Angry Birds 2 about couple weeks ago, Rovio Entertainment has officially announced that the studio will be launching its "first sequel to the most downloaded mobile game series of all time" to mobile devices around the world.

In Angry Birds 2, a mobile puzzle game and the twelfth entry in the Angry Birds franchise, players will take on their favorite feathered heroes on an all-new adventure as they storm Piggy Island to rescue their poor stolen eggs (again)! The game has also been overhauled from the ground up, with multiple stages in each level, new spells including blizzards, magic ducks, and hot chili peppers, as well as introducing a brand new character called Silver, a dazzling but strange young bird rescued from Pig City.

Angry Birds 2 is now available worldwide on Android and iOS for free. Check out Angry Birds 2 Launch Trailer.