World War Toons Gameplay Trailer

Following the announcement of World War Toons over couple months ago, Reload Studios has officially released the latest footage of its upcoming cartoony multiplayer first person shooter, showing off the first glimpses of the game's gameplay.

In World War Toons, a laugh-out-loud first-person shooter and tank combat game, players will get the chance to participate in a World War set in a whimsical, toon-inspired world, as well as the ability to choose between three infantry classes including the cunning Officer, the stalwart Soldier or the rocket-launching Heavy, with each class can augment your tank class in unique ways.

World War Toons will be available in 2016 on VR as well as non-VR devices. Unfortunately there is no word yet which platform the game will be released on.

Check out World War Toons Gameplay Trailer.