Samsung Stabs Apple In New Galaxy S6 Edge Ads

Following the launch of Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition over a week ago, Samsung has released a couple of new ads for its latest and greatest Galaxy, the Galaxy S6 Edge, while making fun of Apple's latest and greatest iPhone, the iPhone 6.

Samsung has released two new ads titled "Galaxy S 6 v 6", revealing some of the Galaxy S6 Edge capabilities as well as features such as the Dual-Edge Display, People Edge, Night Clock, Information Stream, Wireless Charging, and Wide Angle Selfie, all while stabbing the iPhone 6 for the lack of those features.

According to Samsung "The edge of the Galaxy S 6 edge tells you everything you want to know, and you don’t even need to lift to a finger" The company continued "Not all smartphones are created equal. When you add up wider-angle selfies and built-in wireless charging capability, there’s no question that 6 is greater than 6".

Check out Galaxy S 6 v 6 Ads.