Modern Combat 5: Spring Update Revealed

Gameloft has officially revealed the latest update coming to Modern Combat 5, the Spring Update, promising fans as well as players a "barrage of new features" is heading right for Modern Combat 5 in an exciting new update".

Modern Combat 5: Spring Update features:

New Class Reporting For Duty!

  • The Support class gives your team the backup they need
  • Drop Med Kits to heal allies
  • Let your teammates respawn on the spot they died
  • Boost your own abilities and efficiency on the battlefield
Weapons Aplenty
  • Extra weapon tier for each class 
  • New Light Machine Gun category for Support class
All-New Multiplayer Mode: Zone Control
  • Capture and defend areas to rack up score superiority
Controller Support
  • Enjoy the game using a standard, formfitting or extended controller
More Character Customization
  • Weapon camos 
  • New masks and perks 
  • New solo and squad logos
  • New kill signs
The company has also announced that its will be giving away Modern Combat 5, making it a Free-To-Play game. Modern Combat 5: Spring Update is now available on iOS, while Android will get it soon.

Check out Modern Combat 5: Spring Update Dev Diary Trailer.