Top 5 Hackintosh Pros & Cons

Hackintosh is a hacking project that allows users to run Mac OS X on non-Apple computers with x86 architecture and x86-64 compatible processors, which many PC users have been building and using for quite some time now. However what kind of limitation a Hackintosh does feature? and is there any benefit of a Hackintosh compared to an Apple computer?

To answer these questions, here is the top 5 Hackintosh Pros & Cons:

  • The Price $$$ (Pro)
  • Built By You (Pro)
  • Dual Boot System (Pro)
  • Back To PC! (Pro)
  • Have An Apple In Secret! (Pro)
  • No Apple Support (Con)
  • No Updates (Con)
  • Limitation Of Parts (Con)
  • Foreign Errors (Con)
  • Tricky Setup Steps (Con)
Keep in mind that this list doesn't cover all kind of use case scenarios of a Hackintosh, but does show off its capabilities and possibilities, as well as the limitation and the risks involved in building, owning, and using a Hackintosh.

Check out The Top 5 Hackintosh Pros & Cons.