Ivvi Teasing 4.7mm Thin Smartphone

Smartphone makers like Samsung, Apple, HTC, Sony, and LG have always been racing and fighting for the best display, biggest display, fastest phone, most powerful processor, biggest battery, best camera quality, and the list go on.

However the race has apparently shifted toward the thinnest smartphone, as companies are now trying to deliver The World's Thinnest Smartphone. Following Oppo's attempt with the R5 at 4.85mm and Vivo's X5 Max at 4.75mm, Ivvi, a Chinese brand, is now teasing an ultra-thin smartphone at only 4.7mm thin.

According to the image, the phone will feature a 4.7-inch display, protruding camera with a single LED and speaker grill located in the back, a plastic build, and of course the super-thin 4.7mm.

Unfortunately ultra-thin devices always come with tradeoffs like small battery capacity, and short battery life, but we are going to have to wait and see what Ivvi has instore for us.