iPad Pro VS 12-inch Macbook Air 3D Renders

Following rumors of Apple's upcoming 12-inch iPad Pro and 12-inch MacBook Air, designer Martin Hajek decided to take action by making his own 3D renders of both iPad Pro and Macbook Air and putting them side by side, in order to give us an idea of what to expect from the Apple's new upcoming iPad Pro and Macbook Air.

According to Hajek "Having made models of the rumoured iPad Pro and equally rumoured Macbook Air 12″ I decided to put them side by side. That iPad sure is huuugeeee."

From Martin's renders we can see that the 12-inch iPad Pro is "Huge" compared to the 12-inch Macbook Air, thanks to the Mac's new redesigned and revamped unibody, its smaller, narrower, and reduced bezels on all sides, as well as reduced ports. While the iPad Pro features some big bezels.

Check out iPad Pro VS 12-inch Macbook Air 3D Renders.