Viber Messaging App Introducing Viber Games

Viber, one of the most popular messaging app, has officially announced Viber Games, adding to its growing list of features, which includes: messaging, phone calls, video calls, Viber Out, Public Chats, and playful stickers, while delivering social features that will be allowing users to connect with their contacts over adventures and puzzles.

As an initial launch, Viber Games will be offering three games: Viber Candy Mania and Viber Pop, developed by Storm8, and Wild Luck Casino, developed by Playtika, while enabling players to send gifts to friends, check social-powered game leaderboards, challenge friends, battle friends, share their scores and much more.

According to Talmon Marco, Viber founder "We will partner with other game developers in the future, but our approach is not to have hundreds of games, just small highly curated selection," He continued "We have wanted to do games for quite a while, our plans have been in process long before the acquisition,"

Viber Games is now available in Belarus, Malaysia, Israel, Singapore and Ukraine on both Android and iOS, while rolling out globally in January 2015.