Apple Pay To Launch October 18

An internal Walgreens Memo designed to prepare the retailer for the upcoming launch of Apple's new payments service has been leaked, revealing that Apple Pay is scheduled to launch October 18.

The Memo reads:

"Store Managers,

In preparation for the launch of Apple Pay on October 18, we would like you to cover the following material included in the tasks be[...] activation. Walgreens will be one of the participating retailers and we want to make sure that all your team members are prepared [...] customer questions/concerns.

Enabling this new technology will:

  • Support Walgreens' mission of being "America's Most Loved Pharmacy-led Health, Wellbeing and Beauty Enterprise"
  • Continue our commitment to offer ultimate customer convenience
  • Reinforce our position as a leader an innovator in the mobile world
Customers that participate in Apple Pay will immediately be able to use the service that is easy, secure, and ensures their privacy at [...] only need to tap their iPhone 6 to the upper portion of the pinpad to pay for their purchase. It is that easy!

If any questions/issues arise around Apple Pay or Near Field Communication (NFC) aka the upper portion of the pin pad, please us th [...] processes to escalate."

Apple is holding a special event on October 16, so the company could announce the official launch date of Apple Pay over there.