How An Android User Switched To iPhone 6

Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with big screens (4.7/5.5-inch), amount other features, in an effort to bring both Android and Windows Users to its ecosystem, specially those who liked Apple's products but were wishing for a bigger screen.

Jaime Rivera was an iPhone 5s user earlier this year, and while he was satisfied with its performance, he always wanted a bigger screen similar to Apple's competitors, so he made the Switch to HTC One M8 a few months ago.

Rivera has posted today a new video showing off another switch, only this time he went back to iPhone 6, and explaining his reasons on why he came back after only a few short months from ditching the iPhone 5s.

According to Jaime Rivera "My Twitter account has been on fire lately, and that’s mainly because I was the guy that ditched the iPhone 5s for an HTC One M8 a few months ago. Now that everyone has learned that I’m back to using an iPhone 6, it’s only fair that we give these phones some proper comparison treatment. The HTC One M8 is still one of the best Android smartphones of the year, and today we’ll show how it competes against Apple’s best iPhone."

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