Google Officially Announced Project Zero

Google announced a new project called Project Zero, which aims to put an end to targeted internet attacks like criminals or state-sponsored actors that try to infect your computer to steal information or monitor your activities.

The company is hiring the best security researchers willing to devote 100% of their time towards improving security with all types of software. They will also continue their tradition of transparency by filing each and every bug they discover in an external database, and before they become public, they will only report the bugs to the software vendor. Once the bug is patched, it will become public.

According to Google "Security is a top priority for Google. We've invested a lot in making our products secure, including strong SSL encryption by default for Search, Gmail and Drive, as well as encrypting data moving between our data centers. Beyond securing our own products, interested Googlers also spend some of their time on research that makes the Internet safer, leading to the discovery of bugs like Heartbleed."

"Project Zero is our contribution, to start the ball rolling. Our objective is to significantly reduce the number of people harmed by targeted attacks. We're hiring the best practically-minded security researchers and contributing 100% of their time toward improving security across the Internet."