This is why the OnePlus One is so Cheap

The OnePlus One made alot of buzz by introducing flagship specs at a mid-range price tag (starting at $299) and a slogan Never Settle, everybody was hesitating and questioning this Flagship Killer and thinking that's too good to be true, and when the Official Announcement came the whole community was blown away. 

The OnePlus One came in with  flagship specsnice design, Sony camera, strong a cheap price which is not the word that comes in mind when you try to describe it, and proved to be a serious competitor to the Galaxy S5, One M8, Xperia Z2, and even the IPhone 5s. 

There was only one question left and became a mystery which is How were they able to make this flagship device so affordable and cheap considering that all competitors cost $600+.

OnePlus CEO Peter Lau revealed to Techradar, how the company was able to offer its flagship handset for nearly half the price, by taking a different approach to marketing and a more relaxed approach to profits in the short term.

He said "We are selling the phone at cost. We are able to do that by redistributing our costs to better benefit the user,"

"Rather than put money towards a large marketing budget, we are focusing on online marketing and community interaction. Rather than working with retail partners, we rely on selling the device online."

This kind of strategy can be considered bold and risky for a new company which could even make or brake it. Only time will tell us the story of OnePlus.