OMsignal introduces smart shirts for fitness-tracking

Fitness tracking devices are becoming a regular sight nowadays, although it can be very easy to forget to wear them, which is why 
OMsignal  unveiled its first collection of smart shirts

The smart shirts include health sensors embedded into the fabric that monitor your heart rate, breathing rate, and amount of calories burned, and the collected information is then sent to your personal dashboard on the OMsignal iOS app

According to OMsignal CEO Stéphane Marceau "We need something that complements life, without getting in the way of life. Clothing is the only type of wearable you’ve been wearing your whole life. Clothing also allows us to access biological functions where they actually happen."

OMsignal shirts initially come in 4 different styles including an under-shirt, a sleeveless shirt, casual T-shirt and long-sleeved shirt, designed to be worn at the gym, under everyday clothing or alone.

The shirt and the black box sensor are going for a promotional price of $199 throughout May, where it will bump up to $240 afterward. So you can start preodering now.