Oculus hires Google Glass Lead Electrical Engineer

Oculus hired Adrian Wong, lead electrical engineer for Google Glass, who was at Google since 2010, and now moves over to Oculus to start Building the Metaverse.

According to Linkedin he was "Senior Hardware Engineer. End-to-end rapid prototyping, display subsystem design and architecture, HDI PCB layout, supply chain management, technology scouting. Research and development in custom display architectures and sensors." at Google Glass Explorer Edition

Using Google Search Wong is listed as the holder of at least 10 patents 

According to his Facebook Post #FreshStartFridays - Surprise! Today is my last day at Google. Three rollercoaster years with Google[x] and Glass. What amazing memories. Now, time for the next great adventure! "

"P.S. More surprise news to come in the next two weeks. Hang tight, friends! In the mean time, if you want to catch up and hang out this next week, give me a call."