More details on Google’s Project Ara revealed

The Project Ara modular smartphone isn’t a fantasy anymore, as Google send out Developer Kit to Devs and manufactures, and getting ready to roll out the first Project Ara devices early next year. The device will let users build their own smartphones and customize them on the go.

users will be able to add from 5 to 10 modules that will be able to accomplish various tasks. Different processors will be required to control the flow of data between the various modules, while Toshiba has been chosen to provide three types of processors for the first Project Ara handsets, including chips that will go in the various modules and also in the phone itself.

According to Nikkei " The electronics maker was approved as a preferred supplier for this line, the only Japanese company to be given that status. It will become the sole chipmaker for the phone about a year after its rollout."

The basic Project Ara endo will cost $50, only The price doesn’t include the modules, which will be available from various vendors.