Minuum keyboard, a Futuristic keyboard for Google Glass

Google Glass is a Futuristic technology by it self, and not everybody loves it. There is alot of talk about it, some say it's way ahead of its time, and others embrace it can't wait to get their hands on it.

Glass has a down side which is you can only interact with it through your voice in a limited ways, and when you are in the middle of the street or in the public transportation, or just around people in general and you try to communicate with it using your voice, it might get a little weird.

All that is about to change thanks to the hard working developers who try to make the technology easier for all of us. Minuum keyboard is now available for Google Glass.

At the moment, to select keys you have to swipe and tap, which makes you naturally move your head around, which isn't the best way to type if you’re on the go, but the end of the video show us that Minuum keyboard will enable you to portray the keyboard in a surface like your arm and type, which would definitely be a more useful way.