Microsoft working with Rare to figure out its future

After Microsoft acquired Rare. Rare's more recent focus has been Kinect support with the Kinect Sports games, but now that Microsoft has gave up their Xbox One pack-in strategy for the peripheral, a questions raised concerning Rare's next step as a studio.

According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer "[Rare has] just come off the successful launch of Kinect Sports Rivals," and "I think I've heard a few times from people asking about Rare - they're in the process of evaluating what they want to do next, and we're working closely with them to see what their new project will be."

"And I've also laughed when people have tried to use the word, what I "force" them to do - if you're around any independent studio, or like Rare a studio that's independent-minded, you'll know that forcing a studio to do something is never a successful equation. So they're free to look at all different kinds of opportunities, they always have been, and we're having a great time trying to work out with them what their next game might be, but we have nothing to announce right now."

So lets hope they don't get stuck in supporting kinect and deliver a kickass game that proves its position in the industry.