iPhone 6 Confirmed with Recorded Proof from Apple

According to Mike "I spoke with an Apple Prototype Developer over at their headquarters (division from Apple known as MediMac) over the phone and discovered that Project N61 is prototype/unreleased iPhone with a moved power button and home button, as well as a lightning connector. iPhone 5 was coded as N41, iPhone 5s was coded as N51, therefore, N61, a letter/number combo I came up with myself, is, without a doubt, the upcoming iPhone 6."

"In the full call, I told the receptionist I was from IL1 (Infinite Loop 1, Cupertino CA) trying to show a representative Project 'N61.' The receptionist transferred me to a higher level of authority at MediMac, which is whom I have included in this video (in terms of the recording.)"

Watch the video to listen to the full recorded phone call & more details.