Intel acquires a Personal Assistant From Ginger Software For $30M

Apple has Siri, Google has Google Now, Microsoft has Cortana, and now Intel has Ginger.

Intel made this acquisition to boost its advanced computing and artificial intelligence holdings. It purchased selected assets and hired talent from Israel’s Ginger Software in the area of natural language processing tools and applications, those assets include a platform for third parties to create Customised Personal Assistants, for a price believed to be up to $30M.

According to a Ginger spokesperson “Intel acquired natural language processing tools and applications assets from Ginger. Along with the aforementioned assets, Intel also hired some Ginger engineers associated with this business,”

According to an Intel spokesperson who elaborated.“On May 8, Intel acquired natural language processing tools and applications assets from Ginger Software, and it is hiring up to 16 engineers associated with this business,” 

 “We are not disclosing details about how Intel might use the Ginger Software technologies at this time and we are not disclosing terms of the deal. Please note – We’re acquiring the assets and engineering team associated with Ginger Software’s natural language processing tools and applications. We aren’t acquiring Ginger Software’s Grammar and Spell Checker.”