How The OnePlus Maximized the One Performance

The OnePlus One and its Never settle mentality, made a huge impact in Android community. Bringing top specs, nice design, and the popular Cyanogen ROM.

According to OnePlus "It is our philosophy to constantly look to improve on everything we do. Once again we want to live up to that philosophy and prove ourselves to you. We will Never Settle and we hope that you won’t either."

They chose to use Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5GHz to take full advantage of the fastest SoC currently on the market, a higher GPU clock of 578MHz to allow for less time spent waiting for games and other graphics, the newer eMMC 5.0 standard will help to greatly improve the interface speed, reducing the amount of time needed to copy, move, open, modify, and save almost everything that you’ll have on your phone, and 3GB of RAM this way no matter how memory hungry your games and apps may be, you will never have to worry about delay due to a lack of available RAM.

"I am very confident that everyone will see how impressive your phone experience can be with the One. With the amazing experience that CyanogenMod offers combined with all the great features that we’ve packed in, you can be sure that you will be able to multi-task, game, and be more productive than ever without having to settle or sacrifice." Pete of OnePlus said