Exec At Symantec admitted "Antivirus Is Dead"

Antivirus is Dead
 And that's coming from the senior VP at Symantec, the company that invented the idea. Brian Dye, senior vice-president for information security at the company which makes and sells Norton Antivirus, made the comments in an interview with the WSJ.

According to Dye "We don't think of antivirus as a moneymaker in any way." and  that antivirus software now catches less than half of all cyberattacks, and is unable to protect its users from modern malware. viruses are now so complex and mutate so quickly, that any traditional antivirus software is almost by definition unable to cope. It's Dead.

Instead the company will look to make new products, developed so that threats are identified before they can necessarily be fixed, and are then dealt with, rather than just trying to Protect users from harm. He said "If customers are shifting from protect to detect and respond, the growth is going to come from detect and respond,"