CNN Introduced iReport for Google Glass, enables you to be a "citizen journalist"

has allowed regular people to become Citizen Journalists for the past few years, thanks to iReport. Part of the official CNN app, iReport gives users a platform to share photos and videos that can be deemed helpful for their breaking news coverage.

CNN is expanding upon iReport by bringing it to Google GlassRather than having to take out your smartphone and head over to the application, this would allow everything to be done right from your Glass.

According to CNN  "If you're part of the Glass Explorer program, we hope you'll test out the iReport functionality. You never know when you'll spot breaking news, and it's a simple, fast way to share the images and videos you capture with your Glass."

"To get started, you will need to authorize CNN to send notifications to your Glass. Once that's completed, you can manage your settings, like linking up your iReport profile. "CNN iReport" will then appear as sharing option for your photos and videos."