Apollo 15 lunar lander joystick for auction

Apollo 15 became the fourth manned mission to land on the moon In 1971. Mission commander Dave Scott had to manually guide the Falcon lunar landing module back on course after it veered nearly a kilometer away from the intended landing site. To do that he took hold of a joystick mounted on the left of the cabin interior.

The joystick is reportedly in very good shape. It was only used on the Apollo 15 mission to land Falcon, then again to pilot the ascent stage as it met up with the command module in orbit of the moon.

You might be wonderig  where it has been all these years? Dave Scott has apparently been holding on to it, waiting for the right time to let it find a new home. It’s been well cared for, though. RR Auction lists its condition as good, with only light wear.

 Now you can buy that very same joystick at the auction, which the bidding starts at $10,000 for this piece of NASA history.