9 Special Editions for Watch Dogs

Gaming nowadays is a hall new different level. You don't get a console based on specs and design, Oh no it's all about game exclusivity and which platform offers the best and the most of them, and even after you picked the right console and the right game you still have to choose which edition you want to buy. After all this effort and suffer you're stuck again because some of thease editions are only available in certain territories.

Watch Dogs now has 9 Special Editions to choose from:

The special edition: for North America gives PlayStation players the White Hat pack. 

The special edition: for Australia and New Zealandthe White Hat pack isn’t a PlayStation exclusive, and It’s the only edition that contains the Chicago South Club Pack.

The Vigilante Edition: for Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia  has its own content and packaging.

The Uplay Exclusive Edition: only available from Ubisoft’s Uplay shop.

The Limited Edition: for North America includes content that the Special Edition doesn’t, but also missing one content pack that the Special Edition has.

The Deadsec Edition: for Europe,  Middle East, Asia, and Australia again and includes some of the content from the Vigilante Edition plus bonus content of its own.

The Digital Deluxe Edition: only for PlayStation and PC and includes a bunch of bonus content packs, although one of them is a PlayStation exclusive.

The Uplay Deluxe Edition: only available from the Uplay store for PC and comes with that pack that was a PlayStation exclusive in the Digital Deluxe Edition, plus one more bonus pack.

The Gold Edition: only available from the PlayStation Store.

So choose and choose wisely .