Windows Phone 8.1.1 Changelog Appears Online

Not too long ago Microsoft officially unveiled Windows Phone 8.1, and has yet to be rolled out to users. Though as anyone with a compatible device can install the developer preview easily. The Release date for the general public is scheduled for this summer. Purported changelog of the Windows Phone 8.1.1 has appeared online on. Reddit. Most of the improvements seem to focus on Action Center and Cortana.
Music controls will reportedly find their way in Action Center, apart from additional features and more detailed notifications. Which means users will be able to view more than a single line of message in a notification. The changelog also lists that Cortana will move out of beta with Windows Phone 8.1.1.
Other improvements include an official native Facebook app, OneNote getting ability to use art tools, photos with descriptions likes name, place and time as well as the ability to favorite apps in the store to receive better suggestions.