Sony's Lifelog SmartBand fitness apps for non-Sony devices

More smartphone users are trying out fitness trackers by the day, considering there are a lot of options, bur often they are limited in what’s accessible to us based on what phone you are carrying. 

Sony, introduced its SmartBand tracker back at CES, and while it was both a more flexible and affordable option than some of its competition, the only problem was it constrained to Sony Xperia models. fortunately that changes This week, as Sony updates both its Lifelog app and the SmartBand SWR10 app itself to support non-Sony devices.

The SmartBand SWR10 app lets you configure the band and set up how it interacts with your phone, while Lifelog is the one that takes sensor data from not just the SmartBand but your phone as well and uses it to help you monitor your activity level and chart progress towards fitness goals.

Right now compatibility is limited to Android 4.4 devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0 LE, but future builds may just dial back that Android version requirement.

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