Samsung is offering $1.25 million to boost the development of the Gear line-up

Samsung is organizing a worldwide developer challenge to drive apps development of its Tizen-based Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. There’s $1.25 million left aside for aspiring developers, including a $100,000 cash price for the overall winner.
According to Won-Pyo Hong, president of Samsung Electronics Media Solution Center “This challenge marks the beginning of Samsung’s plan to boost the app ecosystem for the recently unveiled Samsung Gear 2.” he added that the company will continue to “play its part” in the wearable market by offering a range of SDKs for app developers.
the big picture here is to get more developers on board forTizen OS, which is the upcoming OS that's going to be used in all of samsung's product if it is become a hit.
If you are intrested or know somebody intrested in Tizen you'll be able to register for the Samsung Gear App Challenge from Samsung Apps portal on May 8th.