PS4 remote play allows a hospitalized kid to game 500 Miles away from Home

According to DualShockers Felix Morais is hospitalized hundreds of miles away from his home in New Brunswick, but PlayStation 4's remote capabilities allow him to still play titles such asInfamous: Second Son.

Moris is 9 year old, suffers from digestive problems that require him to spend a lot of time in hospitals.During such instance, his father, Alexis, helped connect the console with the Vita. Although glitchy at first, Morais was reportedly able to play Second Son with few problems.
Remote play allows PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners to play games on handhelds like the Vita. PS4 architect Mark Cerny said during an interview with Polygon,  " remote play is part of PlayStation's DNA. Remote play requires a steady wifi connection, though it's typically not recommended for play far away from the console."