lumia 2520 sales suspended in europe

Nokia is hammering the alarm over a defect in the tablet’s power adapter.This issue is primarily focused on the charger used internationally, the AC-300.

The problem is, as Nokia uncovered during quality control tests, that it’s possible for the wall socket end of the AC-300 charger to come loose and expose metal contacts carrying live current. Nokia says it hasn’t learned about anyone getting shocked by one of these chargers, but it’s not taking any risks.

As a result, sales of the 2520 in the UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, and Switzerland have been temporarily suspended while Nokia works to make sure no more of the faulty adapters hit the streets.

If you have one of these defective AC-300s, you should stop using it immediately, and contact Nokia to see about getting a replacement. 

For more details on what you need to do are here.