killswitch for mobile devices

It's well known that smartphone manufacturers take action against theft , which takes place in many societies, but now the U.S. law will force manufacturers and us carriers to take practical measures to fight it.

There's a lot of apps to find smartphones in case of  theft or disappearance, in IOS, Android, or Windows Phone. But all of them need to be activated manually by the user .

Well it seems that all of these precautions and procedures are no longer sufficient . The world giant digital companies  and smartphone manufacturers in addition to  five major us carriers, and under pressure from the U.S. authorities, decided to conclude an agreement  in order to create Built-in system to protect smartphones against the theft of these devices , and among these companies : Apple , Google , Huawei , Motorola , Microsoft, Nokia , Samsung and HTC.

The agreement is that from  July of  2015, all smartphones should be equipped with a systems to protect against theft, in addition to a system that prevents the use of a stolen phones except in caseof a recovered one.