iOS 7.1.1 Improves Battery Life

Apple recently released iOS 7.1.1, and  il looks like it significantly improves battery life. 

According to ZDNet Reporter Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has been tracking how much his battery life drains after six hours of use with each firmware update. Pre iOS 7.0, six hours of use would take his fully charged iPhone down to 74 percent. Following the upgrade to iOS 7.0, his battery life dropped slightly but came back to normal after a few recharge/discharge cycles. However, following the update to iOS 7.1, battery life dropped all the way down to 48% after six hours of use.
" Then came iOS 7.1.1. Following this update I've noticed that things have improved dramatically, and now battery life is only falling to around 76 percent per six hours of average use, which is better than what I was getting pre iOS 7.0."