Apple Acquires a Hydroelectric Project

 According to OregonLive. Apple has reportedly acquired a Hydroelectric Project close to its Prineville, Oregon data center.

The Bulletin newspaper in Bend first reported Apple’s interest in the 45-Mile Hydroelectric Project, which is near Haystack Reservoir, about 20 miles northwest of Prineville. It’s in a Jefferson County irrigation canal, screened from fish runs. The project’s previous owner, EBD Hydro, won $7 million in federal loan guarantees and a $1.5 million federal grant to help finance its construction. The company had planned to start work late in 2011; it’s not clear if the facility is operating yet -- Apple declined comment, and EBD did not immediately responded to inquiries on the deal.

According to previous proposals, the project would generate 3 to 5 megawatts, enough to generate 2,000 to 3,500 homes. However, OreganLive notes that the project will need to go offline during the winter months when the irrigation canal is closed.