Twitter kills the #music app

Less than a year ago, back in mid-April 2013, we saw Twitter introduce the world to its Twitter #music app. It took advantage of iTunes to offer users previews of any songs they ran across, and by tying into an account with a streaming provider like Spotify, you could even pull up full tracks. Twitter talked about its big plans, like making #music available in additional countries, and that’s pretty much the last we ever heard of it. Today Twitter announced the end of #music.
Twitter pulled the #music app from Apple’s App Store , and if you already have it installed, it will stop functioning as of April 18, which i'm sure is no coincidence that it would also be the app’s one-year birthday.
The company says that it will “continue to experiment with new ways to bring you great content based on the music activity we see every day on Twitter,” but has not given any indication that another stand-alone would be part of those plans; if we do ever see something like #music again, it seems likely that it might be baked right in to the main Twitter app itself.
Will anyone be sad to see this one go, or had you ever heard of it in the first place?

Source: Twitter