The Russian government switched to Samsung tablets

The Russian government abandons its iPad in favor of Samsung tablets. It turned to Apple's main competitor, Samsung. The minister of Telecommunications Nikolai Nikiforov believes that these tablets are "specially protected equipment that can be used to work on confidential information." He added that "these Samsung devices are fully consistent with these requirements."

The minister no longer trust the U.S. government since the revelations about espionage fell . NSA , among others, is responsible to closely observe the behavior of many people, including politicians , without warning . Late last year, they learned that the phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel had been bugged by the United States. " The information published by the media that the U.S. secret services will increase substantially the volume of intercepted data creates , of course , a serious concern among many leaders of public order ," said Nikolai Nikiforov .

Besides choosing Samsung , Russian tablets were considered for the Russian Ministry of Defence. They were running Romos , a Russian operating system based on Android. The interest was there, too, to break away from Google since the U.S. giant is accused of collaborating with the U.S. Secret Service in disclosing personal information.