Reasons why you shouldn't stay on Windows XP

Why you shouldn't continue with Windows XP after the support ends ?

 As of April 8, Microsoft will close one of the best chapters in her life and will announce the end of an important era , Windows XP which will be forwarded to retire and will be cut off by the company updates to make it die in the hands of users after 12 years of service.

 Ending the support for the operating system is not something to be taken lightly , especially if we take into account the fact that this system is still the most widely used for the rest of the other copies of Windows .

 Fact , we should be worry about the end of support for this operating system , so the solution is not inevitable nor is it an option to migrate to another platform if you want to continue your life on the computer. So you can jump with confidence to one of the Linux distributions , or relay with Microsoft and choose a new Windows ( in fact, it seems that Windows 7 to become the largest recipient of users coming from Windows XP ) However , if you think that keeping XP is a good idea , maybe you need to rethink this option . And for these reasons i will  make you  accept  the inevitable !

The risks of continuing the use of Windows XP after April 8 :

 In the past few months  Microsoft published an update that aims  to remind users  of the end of the support which is April 8, although that date could be extended to support the Malicious Software Removal Tool to save some time (especially at the business level where the transition process is a slow one ) , this doesn't mean that Microsoft selected  the deadline for the end of support. Although this option may be difficult , we do not have any choice but to migrate to another platform for that, as of April 8 will start the significant decline in XP  and  a time will come  when we can't work on this platform anymore.

What are the risks or disadvantages for those who do not think to leave the system?

 Updates that are periodically pushed by Microsoft for Windows XP and used to resolve problems and errors in the operating system , will no longer exist after April 8 . we will not have the necessary resources to fix these vulnerabilities or system errors .

 Bugs and weaknesses that can be exploited by third parties ,so the system will be more vulnerable to attack and penetration . Yes, you can use the software to control the risks , but the defect can not be repaired and  will remain in the end.

 The development of new operating systems from Microsoft, and presenting new features to improve safety ,Subsequently Windows 7 or Windows 8 will provide better controls and security measures on Windows XP.

 Microsoft is not the only company that has a relationship with Windows XP . As of April 8 Developers and companies also will stop producing software support  for this system . The time will come when we can't update anti-virus software , browser or email client etc. .. , a scenario that will make you more vulnerable and thus will be suspended and alone in a forest of monsters that lie in wait for you!

 Google announced that it will stop the support of Google Chrome for Windows XP in April 2015 . Over time , it will  not be possible to run applications that rely on the Web browser version you are using !

 Software developers will not be the only problem, gradually the new devices will hit the market and confirm that you will not be supported . It will be difficult to work on older computers . Hardware support is important and realistic , manufacturers will not devote time and resources to an operating systems that's  died .

And what do we do?

 In the beginning I pointed out that users have two choices: either to continue with the company to move to Windows 8 or Windows 7 , or move and migrate to Linux ( the advantages of Linux specifically the requirements of a few of the devices in terms of resources as well as free support continuous .there are also distributions designed specifically for devices with limited resources )