Google unveils Android Wear

After Android in mobile phones , Android in tablets, Google could install Android ... everywhere. The giant has officially announced this Tuesday the launch of its new operating system for " wearables ", these connected objects that you can wear and take around with you . The first of these objects shipping Android technology is the " Google Watch " connected to the watch on which information began leaking these recent weeks. In the video presentation of the project, also published Tuesday , Google also shows a prototype watch incorporating " Android Wear " and providing several services, such as weather, route planner , messaging ( and time ) . The whole has a touch screen and a voice system .

Google also announced it is working with several electronics brands ( Asus , HTC, LG , Motorola and Samsung) , and semiconductor chip ( Broadcom , Imagination , Intel, Mediatek and Qualcomm ) and with the watchmaker Fossil for watches connected Android market before the end of the year. An online space is also available for developers wishing already working on Android applications Wear .
But the watches should be a first step for Google. The giant will soon sell to the general public its connected Google Glass glasses (already available for developers in the United States). Wear and Android could serve eventually as a platform to an infinite range of connected objects , thermostats Nest - the company acquired earlier this year for $ 3.2 billion - to clothing online , some prototypes are developed overseas , to jewelry. The data collected about their users will feed the gigantic base already owned by Google, which also looks (like Apple) the automotive market ..

source : official blog