Android vs iOS Report

Apps running on the latest Android operating system crash less than iOS apps, according to a report from Crittercism. The company's mobile application performance management (mAPM) solution processes over 30,000 requests per second from over 1 billion mobile users in real-time. 

 Crittercism gathered performance data to share the 'first-ever' mobile experience benchmark report. The report uses data from Crittercism customers actively optimizing their app performance. App performance across un-optimized applications is expected to be worse.And the result is :

iOS :

iOS 7.1 had the lowest crash rate
iPhone 5 crashes least
Apps on iPhones are more stable than iPads
Older iPads crash more
iOS 6 crashed 2.5% of the time
iOS 7 crashed 2.1% of the time
iOS 7.1 is the most stable with a 1.6% crash rate
Android :
Gingerbread has the highest crash rate
Samsung owns the top spots for both Android phones and tablets stability
Android tablets have worse crash rates than Android phones
Apps on Gingerbread crashed 1.7% of the time
KitKat, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean crashed 0.7% of the time besting any iOS version tested.

 Notably, the gaming category of apps crashed way more than any other category. Gaming apps had a crash rate of 4.4% compared to 1.8% for media apps, 1.4% for news and entertainment apps, 1.2% for business apps, 0.6% for social apps, and 0.4% for ecommerce apps.