a serious bug in "Word"

Microsoft announced  the discovery of a serious bug at the level of word processing software (Word ) , this bug may enable anyone with a bad intentions of controlling a target PC remotely , which poses a threat to data for users .

Microsoft said it noticed the existence of this bug following the news talking about cyberattacks aimed primarily word processing program Word ( 2003, 2010 and 2013 ) , as it allows this loophole attacker to control the target computer and do the same commands for the owner of the machine if the user has administrative rights .

The company pointed out in a report published  that this bug may infect as well as e-mail program ( Outlook ) and allow an attacker to control the computer remotely , it also announced that a security update will be launched soon in order to solve this problem may be often on the sidelines of the update monthly from Microsoft and known as (Patch Tuesday), except in the case of aggravation of the situation , which would make the company  obligated to release the security update on an urgent basis in order to close the bug , and until then Microsoft has provided several tips for not falling into the trap of hackers .