A hacker story

 "Yes, I break the law, but I think that sometimes it must be done in order to change and uncover the truth." The  hacker Jeremy Hammond found himself guilty of theft of information and intelligence strategy for Stratfor, which was published at a later date by WikiLeaks by this sentence.

 The 28 years old , was arrested in March 2012, and sentenced to ten years in prison (which was the maximum penalty of imprisonment), despite the fact that this time suggest that the man committed a murder, but this was intentional by the Government of the United States to stop anyone  thinking to expose their secrets. 

 Hammond said that the judgment of what is "only a malicious act of revenge" by the by the U.S. government, which has launched a legal battle against these new warriors. 

Jeremy Hammond began in acts of civil disobedience in 2005, after breaking to the system of the Association "Protest Warrior", which was active against the war in Iraq and war in general, led by the United States.

He was arrested by the FBI and prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of the law of fraud and misuse of the computer. His sentence was calculated based on the publication of about 5,000 credit card after the break for the database organization. The result was 2.5 million reflecting compensation fee based on $ 500 per credit card. Sentenced to two years in federal prison and three years probation. After that the court was convinced that what he did was motivated by policy rather than personal gain.

Hammond conducted a series of attacks against the websites of the various organizations and governments around the world. Among them, "Stratfor," a Center for the Study strategically and U.S. security, is one of the most important private institutions that deal with industry intelligence. Thanks to this attack Hammond obtained a range of important data like credit cards, as well as e-mails, and this was all under the supervision of "Sabu."

Sabu is considered  one of the six members of the main group LulzSec, which is originally a branch of the international group Anonymous. This group to which he belongs, was one of the most active groups that have carried out numerous attacks and intrusions of many organizations and Web Sites . In 2011he was arrested by the FBI, but then set loose and became an informant for the secret agency while retaining his image as a hacker.

These attacks undoubtedly affect dozens of governments outside the United States and it is not known whether these data was used by pirates. hammond pleaded guilty but criticizes the United States government to pursue and punish those hackers .He said in his statement that he addressed to salute  his supporters before judging it .

I have penetrated dozens of high-profile companies and government institutions, and I understand very well that what I was doing is against the law, and that my actions could immerse me to the federal prison again, but I felt that I have a commitment to use my skills to expose and confront injustice - and revealed the facts to show up in the light "

" The United States mumbles about the threats of hackers in order to justify its control over the electronic security and reap billions of dollars behind it, and it is also responsible for their behavior, which is what excessive force and aggressive mention it works in order to protect you"

The hypocrisy of 'law and order' and injustice caused by capitalism can not be cured by institutional reform, but through civil disobedience and direct positions. Yes, I exceeded the law, but I think that sometimes it has to be breaking the law to make way for change"

On November 15 2013, Hammond was convicted on charges of fraud and abuse. In response,WikiLeaks  published the rest of the messages obtained from Stratfor servers . We learned that the hackers sentence is 120 months, in addition to spending three years after his release, without a secure Internet. HE will not be allowed to use any encryption during that period.